Top 3 Yaheetech Cosmetic Train Cases Review in 2021

If you’re a busy makeup artist or a travel enthusiast who travels a lot with makeup, or you need an organized storage solution for your makeup, a cosmetic train case would be a rather wise choice. These kinds of cosmetic cases are specially designed for professionals who need work or shows from place to place.

Sturdy wheels give convenient and effortless maneuverability to the cases, which means the weight and transport of whatever you’re packing are no longer issues. Besides, most cosmetic train cases have a relatively large volume, compact size and well-organized storage compartment, making them perfect permanent makeup storage no matter for personal or commercial use.

The review below focuses the top 3 professional cosmetic train cases, i.e. 4-in-1 Cosmetic Train Case, 3-in-1 Cosmetic Train Case, 22” Cosmetic Train Case from Yaheetech, the best cosmetic case seller on Amazon, to help you get a clearer and more comprehensive knowledge. If you’re finding one ideal cosmetic train case for yourself, this review should make it easier for you.

Shared Features

Detachable & Replaceable Wheels

Maneuverability is a must-have function of cosmetic train cases. The Yaheetech top 3 cosmetic cases are all equipped with four 360-degree swivel wheels, making them effortless to move in any direction without having to tilt up on one side.

As the most easily consumed parts, the quality and design of wheels are crucial to the functionality and durability of the whole piece. The Yaheetech replaceable wheel design makes things easier. If the wheels are damaged somehow, you can easily detach and replace them without tools.

Telescoping Hexagonal Pull Rod

The telescoping handle on each of the 3 cosmetic cases turns the bulky studio into rolling luggage with wheels. Best of all, compared with traditional quadrilateral pull rods, hexagonal rod design sports better stability when sliding and pulling.

Frame & Corner Reinforcement

Frame and corners of a rolling cosmetic case tend to bear the brunt during the move. Therefore, the extra frame and corner protection can efficiently expand the lifespan of the case.

By applying lightweight yet durable aluminum to reinforce the frame while using rounded chromed metal to protect the corners, Yaheetech cosmetic cases smartly solve the problem without putting on too much weight. Two birds with one stone!

Lockable Latches

If you need to occasionally leave your cosmetic case in a high-traffic dressing room or backstage situation, it’s always better to have locks to guard it for you. These 3 cosmetic train cases already gear up for this. They’re all equipped with lockable latches and keys are included.

Differences & Comparison

Layout & Functions

The 4-in-1 cosmetic train case consists of 4 sections:

  • Top case - Four accordion-style trays with removable dividers help organize small items. The storage underneath holds medium-sized items.
  • 3 Trays - 2 without dividers, 1 movable tray with detachable dividers can be placed either in the 2nd or 3rd tier; removable tray with foam-padded lining gives 100% care for glass bottles and delicate accessories.
  • Bottom Compartment - The bottom trunk offers huge storage for large items.
  • Optional Combinations - You can custom-fit cosmetics of various sizes according to your needs. This 4-in-1 case can be transformed into a 3-in-1 case into a 2-in-1 train case by removing tiers. With the cost of only one case, you can have the benefit of 3 case choices: i.e. a 3-in-1 case, a 2-in-1 case, and a separated top case.

The 3-in-1 cosmetic train case consists of 3 sections:

  • Top case - Four accordion-style trays and roomy storage underneath.
  • 1 Tray - 1 movable tray with detachable dividers and foam lining.
  • Bottom Compartment - A huge open storage without baffles
  • Separable top case - This is a cost-effective cosmetic train case designed with a separable top case. You can either make full use of all the storage space or just take the top case with you.

The 22-inch cosmetic train case has an inseparable structure:

  • Upper section - Under the 4 slide-out trays is a large storage compartment.
  • Bottom section - A small drawer glided by metal slides provides handy access to items.

Target Users

These 3 cosmetic train cases vary in designs and purposes so it’s not difficult to pick one that suits your needs most.

If you need a large storage space to stash and organize your cosmetics, the 4-in-1 or 3-in-1 case is your best choice. Besides that, if you want a more flexible case that allows quick and easy transformation, the 4-in-1 one is your pick. These two rolling cosmetic cases are suitable for professional makeup artists, hairstylists, travelers who prepare for a long-distance journey, or a permanent cosmetics storage solution in your room.

The 22-inch makeup case is a tad smaller than the other two so it might not be enough for some professionals. Nevertheless, the simple structure and cute size make it a good choice for younger performers.


The Yaheetech top 3 cosmetic train cases share 4 practical and user-friendly features - replaceable wheels, telescoping hexagonal pull rod, reinforced frame and corners, and lockable latches.

Down to the design, they all have their shining points. The 4-in-1 cosmetic train case sports high flexibility and practicability. It has 3 configurations and a top box that can be used separately. You can quickly and easily transform the 4-in-1 makeup train case into a 3-in-1 case into a 2-in-1 train case by removing tiers. The 3-in-1 rolling makeup case features an individual top box and a bottom section for different needs. The little 22-inch case has its charm. With the straightforward structure and cute size, it’s perfect for light users.