Top 5 Tips for Men When Buying T-shirts

Irrespective of which ‘Game of Thrones’ you believe in, summer is approaching. One fashion staple all men should think of when the summer approaches is a t-shirt. Besides, t-shirts are not the only go-to option for men during scorching heat in the summer. It is also an outfit option that requires little effort to pull off.

If you plan to upgrade your wardrobe for summer, t-shirts should be on your shopping list. Some of the tips to help you buy new t-shirts may include the following:

1. Choose a Solid Color

Printed t-shirts are continuously growing in popularity. However, plain t-shirts are much more convenient. Besides, wearing plain t-shirts with washed jeans or trousers represents the golden rule of dressing fashionably.

Another great benefit of considering solid colors is the endless possibilities of combining clothing. When your closet is well-stocked with t-shirts for men, it means you have stocked your wardrobe with all the essentials you require to achieve a unique look.

2. Know the Purpose

You can’t wear t-shirts to a disco party or graphic t-shirts on Mondays to your office. The purpose is an important factor to consider when buying t-shirts.

If you prefer tees with ultimate swag, you may opt for the southern couture shirt selection  comprising graphic t-shirts or scoop neck t-shirts. And if balancing order and fun is what you are after, Henley t-shirts, crew neck t-shirts, and v-neck t-shirts can be suitable options.

3. Consider Fabric Type

Choosing and buying t-shirts according to fiber content and fabric is one of the key factors to consider. Normally, t-shirts are 100% cotton or may comprise a blend of synthetic and cotton fibers. Some even have 100% polyester or a mixture of rayon, cotton, and synthetic fiber.

For cheaper t-shirts, jersey materials are often used, and interlock fabrics are preferred for costly and drapeier t-shirts. So how can you differentiate the two?

Jersey fabrics look different on the face and back if you take a closer look, while interlock fabrics look less or more the same on the back and face of the fabric.

4. Define Your Body Type

Not everyone is blessed with a chest like Dwayne Johnson's or guns like Chris Hemsworth's. These guys always rock on tees.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t look great in your tees. All your need to do is to be familiar with major male body shapes and determine one that will look great on you.

5. Determine the Measurements and Size

Comfort must be one of the leading factors to help you choose proper-sized tees. T-shirts stretching over time is inevitable. So always choose a size, which is slim fit to allow you to have a good fit after several washes.

Another way to ensure you choose the right is to avoid misjudging. If you plan to go online, get a size chart to know the right measures. But if you are buying in a physical store, try out several tees before buying them.

Concluding Remarks

As tees become more versatile, finding quality ones is becoming more imperative than ever. To ensure you make better judgments, ensure you check on the material, know your body type, and take measurements.