How To Take Care of Your Watch at Home

A sophisticated handcrafted wristwatch is a perfect accessory. A watch isn’t just telling the time… it is also a symbol of fashion and style. You can easily read into a wearer’s lifestyle simply by the type of watch they wear. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to take care of your watch.

Several things can damage your watch - moisture, dust, high temperatures, and extreme UV radiation. Not to worry though, modern technology has come up with several ways to take care of your watch, shockproof components, and designs. However, it is not enough to entirely depend on technology. Personal care at home is also crucial to ensure that your watch is in perfect condition when you depend on it most.

Here are a few essential tips to take care of your beautiful watch:

Service Your Watch Regularly

Watches differ in terms of their types and how they are manufactured. While some need to be serviced every year, others can wait two years (or longer) to be fully serviced. So, ensure you service your watch based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. While considering a service, always discard your dead battery as soon as you notice it. It will assist in avoiding leakages that can later cause significant damage.

Use A Quality Watch Stand

If you are not using or wearing your watch, ensure you store your device on a sturdy watch stand. A watch stand will minimize the chance of scratching or even accidentally breaking it.

Keep Your Watch Away from Harsh Chemicals

Your watch can easily get damaged once it is in contact with chemicals such as detergents and cosmetics. Wearing perfumes can also cause severe damage. For this case, be patient until the scent dries entirely before you wear your watch. Also, avoid excessive exposure to sunlight since it may cause premature fading.

Clean Your Watch Regularly

Cleaning your watch incorporates the use of a soft cloth to do the task. Doing this regularly will keep your watch in good condition for many years to come. As you are aware, watches can either be waterproof or not. If your watch can easily resist water, you can use a damp cleaning cloth, otherwise, if your watch cannot withstand water, using a wet cloth won’t be a good idea. Instead, use a soft dry microfiber cloth.

Use A Storage Box

An original watch box will do the magic. The package will assist in preventing dust and humidity from getting onto your watch. If you have more than one watch, ensure it is stored separately in the box to avoid friction that may lead to scratches. Also, ensure that your watch's face is on the upward side while in the box.

Wind Your Watch Regularly

A watch that is adequately lubricated will serve you for a long time. Winding will enable the watch to continue working by appropriately spreading the lubricant amongst the components. Many watches typically get adjusted at full wind once in a while. However, you may have a manual watch that requires you to wind it regularly and consistently at the same time every day.


Taking the step of buying a high-quality luxury watch might feel lavish, but it will help you stand out in a crowd and demonstrate your class. There’s no hiding it, modern watches are expensive, and if you keep going back to the shop each time it gets damaged, they may be more costly for you. Therefore, it is essential to take good care of your watch so that it will perform, both as a timepiece and statement of style, for a long, long time.