7 Outfits You Wouldn’t Expect to Work Together, But Do

When it comes to putting together an outfit, there seems to be an unspoken set of rules that we instinctively follow. Some wardrobe essentials, like jeans and tees, effortlessly blend together while other items are harder to match. You can waste hours trying to find bottoms to match that cute knit sweater you picked for a coffee date, only to give up and run to the store for a new pair of classic denim shorts.

How many items sit unused in your closet simply because you don’t have anything to pair them with? You might be surprised to find there’s a handful of outfits you can make from items you’d expect to clash. Instead of buying a new pair of sandals for your summer dress, read through these 7 outfits you wouldn’t expect to work together, but do.

1. Summer or Lacy Dresses with Sneakers

Delicate dresses and sporty shoes can’t possibly go together, or can they? Have you noticed a flood of gorgeous Instagram photos of lacy or floral print dresses? Look down further and you might just find a simple pair of sneakers create that effortless, low maintenance look.

These 2 items seem to be poles apart, but actually form a perfect match, and as a bonus, your feet will probably be more comfortable in sneakers than traditional sandals or strappy heels. For the best effect, choose a pair of simple white or black sneakers, like Converse.

2. Sequin Sweatshirts and Fitted Trousers

If a dramatic look is your cup of tea, then choose a casual sweatshirt dolled up with a sequined graphic or phrase. Sequined sweatshirts are an effortless way to glitz up your overall look while hiding how blissfully comfortable you are. Pair your comfy sweater with dark denim jeans or even booty-hugging fitted trousers. Back trousers are usually the safest choice, depending on the color of your sweatshirt.

3. Contrasting Prints on Prints

Stripes and dots can never be paired you may have heard. But what about stripes and leopard print? That seems to be an exception to the rule. Prints are usually paired with solid colors, but it can be fun to work outside of the box and combine floral with plaid, or two different styles of stripes.

This combination definitely requires some skill, as different prints do have the potential to clash. Play around with printed items in your wardrobe and see what new combos you can create.

4. Fancy Tops with Worn Out Jeans

What a surprising yet perfect contrast of clothing. Pulling out a sparkling, lavish-looking top and pairing it with worn-out jeans creates just the right amount balance. If you have you a few new, semi-dressy tops, you might just get some more wear out of that old, torn pair of jeans.

5. Dress and Pants

Have you ever tried pairing a cute dress with pants? Coupling up a dress with pants instead of the typical tights makes a perfect outfit for those chilly winter evenings. If you select a long dress, grab loose-fitting pants, while fitted pants go better with mini dresses. This pairing looks smart and feminine yet never overdone.  

6. Track Pants and Faux Fur

Drumroll for joining a street style staple with a thing of absolute luxury! Track pants and faux fur seems an unlikely combination, but together they can totally steal the show. From Kendall Jenner to Bandier, this trend has been making a mark on Instagram without fail. Grab a pair of track pants and pair it with a glamorous faux fur top or coat, and you’re set to hit that house party.

7. Menswear and Miniskirts

If you cringe at the thought of wearing menswear, you mustn’t have yet realized that men's shirts tend to be of higher quality and comfort level than women’s. Not to mention the coolest movie and superhero shirts are often only released for men. What, can’t a girl love Star Wars too? As a rule, men’s tees should be reserved for wearing around the house, but pair the right oversized graphic tee with a cute miniskirt and you’ll have an outfit that rocks.