5 Ways to Make Leggings Look Classy

How many pairs of leggings do you have in your closet? I’ll bet the answer is more than one. Classic black leggings are super comfy and easily pair with cozy hoodies and stretchy t-shirts to make the perfect outfit for lounging around the house, walking the dog, or grabbing a coffee with the girls.

But what about when you’re going to a bar, a first date, or even to work and you’d give anything to stay in those soft, flexible leggings? Can this wardrobe staple that’s spent decades classified as ‘casual’ pass for semi-formal?

Yes, it can. Leggings are easy to dress up with the right outfit and accessories. Here’s the top 5 ways to make leggings look classy:

1. Wear them Under a Dress or Skirt

Dress to impress with leopard print or other bold leggings under a denim dress or mini skirt. This makes the perfect outfit for a party or ‘casual Friday’ at the office, and takes the pressure off if you’re worried your skirt is too short!

Layer shiny leggings under a silk wrap skirt for a touch of elegance, just right for an after-work sundowner.

When the weather turns a little chilly, leggings provide a touch of extra warmth compared to standard stockings under a knitted dress or skirt.

2. Wear them Under a Long Kaftan

For those who love the comfort of leggings, but don’t love how they cling to your booty, throw on a long, brightly colored kaftan for that effortlessly gorgeous look. This outfit is perfect for vacations or lunch dates with friends or colleagues.

For a winter option, switch the kaftan for a long cardigan that hides your butt yet reveals your elegant top. Add a chunky necklace and this is one way to get away with leggings in the office.

3. Pair them with a Sparkling Top

You know how glittery, sequined tops makes a simple pair of jeans look classy? The same goes for leggings. Pick up bargain, spaghetti strap top with a little added bling and your leggings are suddenly bar and nightclub ready. It’ll be so much easier to dance the night away in stretchy leggings compared to tight mini-dresses or even jeans.

4. Slip on A Pair of High Heeled Shoes

Similar to the sparkling top point above, high heeled shoes are an easy way to take your leggings from casual to classy. The right shoes can dress up any leggings, but shiny fabrics have the best effect. Throw a denim or leather jacket over a basic top and you’re good to go.

5. Wear an Oversized Knitted Sweater

Yes, the ultimate stay at home combo of leggings and a sweater can be dressed up, you just have to choose the right seater! Avoid windcheater fabric in favor of large, cable knit patterns. Pastel colors like pink, cream, aqua, or mauve work best and if possible, go a size or 2 larger than usual to cover the top of your butt. Complete the look with a cute headband and some ballet flats.